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The indicative topics of interest will at least cover all kinds of Crisis or Emergency events. We prefer Natural Disaster, Accidents, Public Security, Group Events, etc more than others. The submissions should contain methodologies and technologies related to solving the problems existing in the above Crisis or Emergency events. The following themes and topics are for reference:

¡ñCrisis Management
Enterprise Crisis and Management
Public safety and Crisis Management
Incentives for crisis
Crisis prevention
Crisis Response
Crisis assessment
Crisis Plan making and adjustment
Model and Methodology for Crisis decision
Crisis Management Information system
Crisis Communication and Virtual Community
Crisis Management and Crisis communication
Environment and Crisis Management
Crisis Public Relations
Internet and Crisis Management
Financial Crisis Management
Psychological Crisis Management
Crisis Management Internationalization
Coordinated Decision-making for Crisis Management
Public Food Safety Crisis Management

¡ñDisaster Management
Origination, Development and Evolution Mechanism on Disaster Event
Disaster Management Mechanism
Disaster Management System
Disaster Early Warning and Alert
Natural Disaster Management
Risk Analysis of Disaster
Society and Disaster
Institutional Basis and Policy Design on Disaster Risk Reduction
Disaster Management Information System
Disaster Management and Governmental Responsibility
Disaster Relief
Disaster Recovery and Distress Area Reconstruction
Hazard Insurance and Implementation

¡ñNuclear Accident Emergency Management
Nuclear Accident Risk Avoidance
Nuclear Accident Assessment
Nuclear Accident Emergency Plan Making and Adjustment
Nuclear Accident Decision Support System
Desktop Training System for Nuclear Accidents
Stimulation and Simulation for Nuclear Accident Management
Environmental Safety and Nuclear Accident Processing
Public Safety and Nuclear Crisis Management
Nuclear Crisis and International Cooperation
Nuclear Crisis Management and the Public
Developmental Crisis on Nuclear Power
Waste Disposal and Material Management on Nuclear
Safety Culture Construction on Nuclear Power Plant
Risk Management on Nuclear Power Plant Operation Security

¡ñEarthquake Crisis Management
Earthquake Hazard Evaluation
Theory and Method on Earthquake Response Analysis
Earthquake Rescue Technology & Equipment
Publicity and Training on Earthquake Knowledge
Crisis Management Information System on Earthquake
Earthquake Rescue
Post- Earthquake Reconstruction
Prevention and Mitigation on Seismic Secondary Disaster
Earthquake Prediction
Earthquake Emergency Drill
Psychological Intervention after Earthquake

¡ñall topics related to crisis and disaster management

Paper Submission: Aug. 30, 2011
Notification of Paper Acceptance: Sep.30, 2011
Final Paper and Presentation Submission: Oct. 15, 2011
Early Registration Deadline: Oct. 15, 2011

3.The Conference registration fee is RMB £¤2800.

4.System for Paper submission :http://www.conftool.com/iscram-china2011


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