2015 International Conference for Innovation and Cooperation of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

June 28-30 , 2015  Harbin, P.R.China


Chinese participants are recommended to accommodate in the International Exchange Center, it is a hotel located on the campus of HEU, 5-minute walk from the Qihang Activity Center. The hotel has 3 meeting rooms, 98 guest rooms. The restaurant in the hotel can hold up to 400 persons.  

Students are recommended to accommodate in the HEU Foreign Experts and International Students Apartment. It has 713 rooms in total and some of them will be available during the winter holiday when the Symposium is held.

International Participants are recommended to accommodate in Shangri-la Hotel in Harbin:

Shangri-la Hotel, Harbin (http://www.shangri-la.com/harbin/shangrila/)



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