UK-China Green Marine Science & Technology Innovation Forum

Dec 6th , 2017  London, UK




The mechanism of UK-China High Level People to People Dialogue is a key pillar in the UK-China relationship, science and technology is a significant component of the Dialogue. Progress of marine science and technology is an important foundation and core power leading and supporting the two governments’ marine strategy, which has been listed in the People to People Dialogue mechanism. The two governments hope to enhance the human being to know the ocean and utilize the ocean, solve the problem of ocean exploration and protection common interested by the human.


The Forum will establish an industry-academy-research alliance in the field of marine and equipment science and technology; prepare to built Joint Research Center for Marine Science and Equipment; discuss challenge and chance the two governments facing in the field of marine science and equipment; explore supporting policies made by the two governments in the field and form substantial cooperation and supporting mechanism; release a Declaration.


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